We’ll be previewing the first three of our new songs off our  album “everythingallthetime” at this outstanding statement of a party. Check out the group on Facebook, working to deliver some live original music performance options other than those offered by the problematic venue-driven system. Bands are paid, but put on the show themselves after being selected by the party host.

We feel right privileged to have been invited on to the first (killer!!) lineup.

#celebratelivemusic #perthmusic #perthbands

Image via Tone Deaf Photographer Ryan Cantwell
An fine example of where Bands For Bands Perth is heading.

Bands for Bands – House Party Show

Secret Location/ chip-in $5-$10 at the door

Kim Westlake (aka Westy) has been kind enough to host the first B4B backyard event at his house.

***Lineup announced!!!

2:15: Spoken Dope
3:00: Them Jackdaws
4:00: Iron Cypher
5:00: St James Sirens

Break: Dinner Will be Provided For A chip In by guests and Fans

7:00: Flyball Gov’nor
8:00: Discordians
9:00: Triangle Fight
10:00: DJ Tahni Anderson will be playing to keep the party going until we have nothing left in the tank!!!

Please be mindful that this is at one of our member’s homes and be respectful. Remember B4B’s number 1 rule = don’t be a dick

Entry will be by $5-$10 “chip-in” – this will cover the costs incurred by the host and be split up between the acts. There will also be eats you can chuck in for too.

We will require volunteers for clean up after the event – we will attempt to give you something for your time, possibly some band merch?

The address will be PM’ed to attendees on the day of the event.

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