Forming in 2011 and recently acquiring a new drummer, the fusion-funk-rock machine that is Flyball Gov’nor is hitting their stride.
Having had very busy 2015, playing over 20 shows and recording their first release (COGNITION EP), FLYBALL GOV’NOR are ready to line up with new material, good to go for a re-launch of the honed Flyball sound.
Melanie Anastas’ vocals, which cruise joyously between Shirley Manson and Beth Ditto, are delivered via a high energy, gleefully punchy performance – underpinned by wonderfully crafted phrasing between Alex Anastas (bass) and commanding talent of beats master Cameron Walker (drums), which culminates seamlessly with the to-die-for guitar lines from Dave Stewart.
It’s this complete song writing approach which enables the four-piece to move together as seamlessly as they do between genres and styles – always grooving with that “Flyball” sound, and evidently capable of bringing joy to any audience.

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