Flyball Gov’nor are a contemporary, progressive funk/jazz band from Perth, WA. Described as “anarchy jazz” and their sound as “hate-funk-jazz-punk”, they are hard to classify but very easy to enjoy.

Well-crafted compositions demonstrate the experience of the seasoned players in this five-piece rock outfit. It is clear that much thought has been given to the transitions, flow between styles and also to the interplay of individual instruments, always arriving together at precision points with such fluidity you realise the destination was locked in from the outset.

“Purpose Built” is the first release from this now complete lineup. It was ‘live-tracked’ in the purpose built DIY studio/rehearsal room at Mel and Alex’s home in Bayswater and mixed and mastered by Alex. It follows on from the “Cognition” EP (2015) and the “Monopoly” and “Sarah Kane” Singles/Music Videos released in 2017.


Its inception in late 90’s Perth came about with the addition of Melanie Anastas, fresh from QLD, completing the lineup of a then pop-rock band, Fur Kit. Here meeting Alex Papps on bass, the two began

gravitating towards composition which reflected the heavier genres to which both players were more inclined. Rather than the ensuing romance between them breaking up the band, it created an environment which pushed for a riskier, edgier approach, seeing Fur Kit deliver some wildly heavy experimental music in the early 2000’s. Mel and Alex continued to double-dog-dare each other musically ever since, and they are certainly peaking with Flyball Gov’nor.


Cameron Walker, replacing the start-up drummer for Flyball Gov’nor in 2016, has a background spanning the metal and experimental/progressive genres, playing in Melbourne for some 6 years.  Cam cultivated skills and instincts in the extreme ends of dynamic playing, his responses to the flow within composition always musical, and often subtly foreshadowing changes.

Chris “Spanish” Gardner filled in for, and then replaced, the start-up lead guitarist in 2017, engaging passionately with the existing work and opening up the writing arena even further to harder, heavier styles. Spanish has ten million ideas but also works with extreme prejudice, quickly arriving at a champion hook, or rumbling out the proggy/doomy ends-of-the-earth undertow. His addition has been the catalyst for further risk-taking in the writing process – the contrasts between styles making an even stronger statement, the breadth of musicality now exploring greater territories.

With all of this dynamic, explosive push and pull, the need for a tight as hell rhythm guitarist saw the arrival of Lucas “Hitch” Leorato. His innately correct sense of (probably punkrock) placement creates a secure listening parameter from which the compositional whole can be neatly observed. Plus he is from Brazil, cooks great food and is quietly hilarious.

ABOUT THE EP “PURPOSE BUILT” releasing JUNE 23rd, 2018

“Purpose Built” contains four great examples of the adventurous, meaningful underpinnings of the Flyball Gov’nor modus operandi.

The EP opens with “No Holds”, a number about the current cultural apathy around taking emotional risks, a riffy, hooky body of work that releases some tension on the edge of a hard-metal breakdown before outro-ing into a pure jazz denouement. The title track “Purpose Built” is the second, and longest track, breaking well and truly into the prog/rock or post/prog arena, the six minutes of score exploring our role as consumers in a system built to oppress. This track features some incredibly dynamic vocal shifts from Mel, including some much softer and intimate styles not previously showcased in her work. The third track “Sex Pest” lures the listener in with an unrestrained improvised intro, interrupted by an almost cute “2,3,4” before settling into identifying toxic gender roles through a swoon/rock style. The final track “Three Legged Fox” gets very dark, very quickly, a menacing threat to borrowed identities and loss of truth, positioned around the image of a three legged fox: Looks alright from the one side, but on the other there’s something missing.

One thing Flyball Gov’nor definitely does, is leave nothing missing. You get everything that earned a place in the composition, and it will speak, or scream, or sigh at just the right time, in very a clear voice.

The band expects to have another EP release out by the end of this year, and to be touring an album bi-coastally by April 2018.

Purpose Built is launching with an event at The Boston (James St, Northbridge) on June 23rd, supported by Ella Munro, The Ivory Lies and Yalla Yalla.

Event link Tickets $10 at the door

The release will be available as a hard copy at the event, hard copy or digitally online through their Bandcamp  ( and iTunes, and will be available to stream via Spotify and Youtube.







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