So lockdown actually was ok for us. We made two new music videos and recorded a bunch of single which we’ll be releasing over the next while.


The idea for BEAKER was hatched while on an early morning bicycle commute through one of Perth’s older industrial areas. The was a circa 1950’s building whose fading signage ready “HEAD SHOP”. Having discovered some disturbing found footage from Soviet Lab Experiments in #reanimation of clinically dead doggos (we did put a CW at the start of the clip for this) Mel got to work directing the Gov’s in a lab set-up, filmed by the talented Aidan Edwards.

We enjoyed a bit of lockdown success with a great review by Happymag and the single was chosen as the Unearthed feature track on JJJ’s Short, Fast, Loud.

Flyball Gov’nor | BEAKER

the future is cancelled

Next up was our most recent #newsong THE FUTURE IS CANCELLED. This one was to be the polar opposite of the pastiche-laden black and white BEAKER vid, with an epic storyline and cinematography to match. Once again DOP’d by Aidan Edwards, this shoot was completed over a coastal road trip to the unspoilt seaside shack settlement of Wedge Point which followed on from a lockdown long weekend in Piawaning, near Wongan hills in WA’s Wheatbelt region.

The track is an ode to the youth of our times, who have inherent nothing but a broken system and are burdened with inventing something completely new. Mel and Alex’s offspring, Theo features with their good friend Lucy, and these two teens show us a thing or two on how it’s all going to go down.

Having caught the eye of our mates at Happymag earlier in the year, they were once again kind enough to write the most spirited and poetically composed review – something we never, EVER thought we’d read about something we’d made.


Add THE FUTURE IS CANCELLED to your Spotify Playlist

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