Songs for our new album are taking shape, new styles are springing out – surprising even us! Three new numbers will form part of our first live show for this year, which we are ultra excited for as it is the first backyard party for the Perth chapter of Bands for Bands. Bands for Bands is a community-run group which is working to grow a more informed, accessible and supportive community for Perth Original Music.

Part of the issues they are tackling is the loss of relevance seeing live original music has in the current social environment. Their main aim is to envelop people with original music and demonstrate how it provides adventure, connection and excitement like nothing else. These grass-roots parties are a great idea and move away from the “who-you-know” infrastructure by handing the selection process over to the host rather than a nominated power.

This seems to be a growing sentiment in Perth. It’s not a new thing, Winston House, 208, Yardstock have been at it for years – but Perth really seems to be sick of being told who is worthy of their attention by the powers-that-be. There are all sorts of for-profit Promoters getting involved with this idea too, Human Dog, Parlour gigs, and some which are at least expanding on the options like down south promoters¬†Good Nights. It’s just really great to see things opening up for P-Town. Good on ya, WA.

This year that’s what Flyball Gov’nor have decided to do. To see how many backyard, warehouse, skate bowl, non-traditional venues we can meet new people at this year. (We are still happy to play venues too but that’s not the challenge we are setting).

If you are keen to play, tell us about a venue, have us at your house, email us at

Let’s rabblerouse.

>>>Go to Soundcloud for a full version of Feminisnt rehearsal and tracks from our EP Cognition (which is also available for download on Bandcamp)<<


To follow our #everythingallthetimealbum progress, jump on our Instagram and Facebook.


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