What a freaking AMAZING level of support from you guys at The Paddo on Friday! Thank you all so much for making it down, buying our new Tee’s and EP – and chucking a mad boogie til stumps. And how great were Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers and STILL FRAME MIND! Thanks again to Paola from Walk Your Talk Productions, The Paddington Ale House and our fab merch desk attendants, Saucy Ash and Hot Chloe.

If you didn’t make it down we have 2 shows left until we take a break.

ARTGAMES | NEWPORT HOTEL | Sunday August 23rd

The ArtGames is an incredible celebration of the arts communities, where 2 artists go head to head bringing an artwork to life from blank canvas over 2 x 1 hr sets by local music acts. We are very excited that our besties TRIANGLE FIGHT will be kicking the first round of with their special blend of funk/jazz/pop/prog and then we’ll be bringing it home with an hour of counting-down-to-zero excitement.

At the end of the time, the completed artworks are auctioned off and an audience-voted winner goes through to the finals. Inspiring, nail-biting, stuff!

You can join the event here

We then have ONE LAST show for a couple of months with our favourite fun-machine FUZZ TOADS at HERD on Wednesday 26th August. We’re on early at 830pm so we can party on afterwards to celebrate an amazing year for us Gov’s. Thanks again for having fun at our shows. You guys all rule!


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